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The Mind Of The Creative Lover

Updated: Aug 24


Fun fact about me, I use to think that being articulate with your words meant you added an

artistic touch to your literature and speech, turns out I was wrong. Artistic and creative by

nature, I love the expression of oneself that can be perceived through art (music, fashion,

canvas paintings, sculpting, photography, etc). My artistic nature draws me to music, fashion,

photography, literature, and sex. Oh yes baby, sex can be one of the most creative and artistic

experiences, if done right, and by someone who knows how to create the magic. I believe being creative can make you a better lover because we as creatives feel emotions more than the more analytical logical thinker, we express our emotions and give sentimental value to our work, which allows us to express ourselves freely.

Sex with a creative lover. fun, kinky, playful, the expression of affection evident as we immerse ourselves into the energy-bounding art of sex. To make sex art you have to think laterally, it’s not all about the penetration and intimate component, yes we all love a good fuck, but that’s for another conversation. With the ability to express ourselves freely in the bedroom we can create passionate times to be remembered. I’m going to take you away from the thought of booking an escort, I want you to imagine a really cute guy, you’re dating, and every couple of months he takes you out, or away on a short trip, somewhere new, every time after you’ve enjoyed your romantic dinner (this could be at a restaurant or a picnic) you come back to a low lit room, on the table is a beautiful variety of chocolates white, milk, dark, strawberry filled, a bottle of wine, freshly roasted almonds, dry fruits, and beautiful flowers. As you kiss and hug him with love and excitement, he pulls away slightly and tells you he has your favourite playlist on his phone, pressing play to add the finishing touch. Now that is one scenario of how creativity within the foreplay leads to fun, kinky, playful sex. Depending on what direction you and your counterpart take are up to you, will it be passionate lovemaking, will you slow things right down to feel every sensation, will you absolutely fuck each other’s brains out, those prior thoughts and actions of something special, and not sexually oriented are what creates the magic of creativity and romance. Imagine that same guy still booked the holiday away but didn’t want to go somewhere new, don’t even think about a picnic, still a good dinner at a nice restaurant and nice hotel, no romantic gestures, and the sex is okay. It’s not quite the same is it? Some of you may say that in scenario one he is just really good at romance, to which I say exactly! true romance is creative because if you don’t want to be generic or do the same thing all the time you have to think of ways outside the box to instil romance. Apart from the creativity that can be created in foreplay, there are many ways that acts of sex can be creative too.

When learning a little about Shibari rope I discovered it’s not just about tethering someone for

a sexual purpose, to some it is an art form. The placement of the knots, the quality of the knot,

the placement of the rope on their bottom’s body (bottom is a term to define the submissive in

an act, scene, or experience) (I don’t offer Shibari as a service). The practice of Tantra, slowly

appreciating every feeling, touch, scent, and emotion that your counterpart has to offer,

admiring the human body with you as you would the finest piece of art. Even toys, what creative genius came up with cock rings, rabbit vibrators, ball sack vibrators, anal beads, and 24-inch dildos (Okay granted that last one was just a kinky son of bitch), and then you have the kinky people who get creative with how they use their toys. Boudoir, I’ve only one album so far but the expression of sexual energy that can be translated through the photography, using different lighting, posing a different way, editing and filtering them, and embracing the spirit that desires to feel sexy, is not only creative but empowering. There are a lot of ways you can see how sex can be creative and that creative sex is fun, kinky, and playful.

Now I used just one scenario earlier, but the same applies to any date, you could be creative

camping, you could be creative throughout the date, you can even be creative during everyday life. Let’s go back to this dream guy, he knows you haven’t had the best day, so he gets one of your favourite flowers, then hides it in a place that is hidden but will be easily found (Jewellery box, the shower, in your cupboard, etc). When you find it you get an elate sense, knowing full well where it came from. He was creative because he didn’t just give you the flower when he greeted you, he made you think he didn’t even get you a flower in the first place to allow for a beautiful surprise. Cute, romantic, and creative. Obvious brownie points if he has dinner cooked and the dishes done.

Romance in a lot of cases would come second nature to a creative because of our ability to

express our emotions freely, we are able to become immersed in the creative side of romance

and lovemaking, a night with a creative lover wouldn’t be just getting picked up, taken out to a

nice dinner then taken back to a hotel to have sex, no. You would get picked up and gifted

something small like one of your favourite flowers, the restaurant would have been carefully

chosen with one of the best seats in the house, After a long blissful walk where miraculously

and conveniently someone would start playing the guitar and singing your favourite song, when you get back to the hotel room you would find rose petals scattered all over the room, maybe even another gift, being fun and playful a creative lover could rush your emotions with the excitement of sexualised foreplay, and after the hot passionate sex that ignites, you could find yourself sitting with a glass of red conferring about open-ended, open-minded conversations. Our ability to connect deeply with our emotions allows us to enjoy the atmosphere of the moment, enjoy the stories told passionately, and enjoy the beautiful pleasures of the human body, mind, and spirit.

When creatives learn to separate from our emotional way of thinking and utilise logical ways of thinking, making sense of intuitive ideas becomes easy because we have the ability to think

laterally. When we tap into a logical way of thinking we can not only create art, but plan, lead,

learn, and because we have the fire of passion engraved in us, we will do so with drive and

purpose. Our conversations are deep, open, full of emotion, laughter, and fun times. Creative

lovers express themselves freely and can light up a room, make people look twice, or tickle

your desire for intelligent conversation, with an open view of the world we are able to connect

with multiple demographics who enjoy what we do.

Art is everywhere that we look, it’s on the TV, it’s on our phones, it’s painted on walls, and it’s

built some of the most magnificent architecture. Without creative thinking we would not have

the world we have today, creative thinkers have some of the most explosive dreams, goals, and ambitions, this is not to say that people who do not extrovert themselves are not creative

geniuses, even some of the most notorious artists love to enjoy the tranquillity of alone time

and self-love. Creative people do see the world through a different lens, through energy,

through emotions, and the freedom of expressing ourselves for who we are. I think being the

creative I am is a blessing, I think freely and put emotion into all my work and projects, and the

ability to think laterally helps utilise the logical sense I have to formulate intuitive ideas. I’m a

lover, I can create intimate romance and I express myself freely, and now that I have developed a logical way of thinking I can also plan, demonstrate emotional intelligence, lead, and rationally analyse situations. With my love for expressing myself and being emotionally

involved in my work and life, developing a logical way of thinking has helped expand my

creativity into something more and something new. It has made me more humble, more

decisive, and has allowed me to connect with people with who I may not have been able to, had I not developed it.

The mind of a creative lover, a wild one that’s for sure, sensual, a little bit. Kinky, definitely.

Playful, always. Professional, I have to be. Creativity can be as simple as adding decorations to cupcakes or as extreme as thinking of a revolutionising business idea to change the world,

discovering the creative side of yourself will help you become more in tune with your inner self, have a greater appreciation for the smaller things in life and express your emotions more freely. The creative mind is freeing, it’s fun and can make wonderful changes to your life.

Thank you for reading,

Lexx Soule.

The Perfect Gentleman.


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Providing  a luxury dating experience for women who relish the benefits of dating a gentleman without the commitments of a formal relationship.


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