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That Missing Touch

Updated: Aug 24


“Take me back to that night!” Diamond dreams to herself as she sits at her work desk, bored.

“I couldn’t take my eyes off him, such a sexy man. His shirt was steamed to perfection,

contouring the shape of his body perfectly, and his muscles oh my god. The way he kneeled

over me as I straddled my legs around him, I was trickling before he even touched me, his

energy, his stare.”

“Diamond! Have you got all the paperwork finished??” Her boss rudely interrupts her pleasant

escape from reality.

“Sorry what?” She nonchalantly replies with a slight expression of embarrassment.

“The paperwork, for the meeting this afternoon!?” His tone is sharp and blunt

“Did you not get my email, I sent it to you on Wednesday (2 days ago).” Her response is

confident. Though in her mind she reacts otherwise “You know, you’re a real big pain in my


“No, I didn’t, and the meeting is in 1 hour” His response is hurried and crass

“I’ll send it again, have you checked your junk mail?” Diamonds responds nonchalantly, she

knows she can’t get fired.

“Have I checked my junk” blowing air out of this mouth like a horse, “of course, I checked my

junk mail. Bloody hell.... re-send the email and I’ll be back in 5 minutes to let you know If I

received or not” her boss storms away to his office.

“Well if you’re not back in 5 minutes you found your email” she ponders to herself before

going back to work.

Later that evening Diamond arrives home to the greeting of her cat who jumps on the kitchen

bench to beg for attention “Human, you left me all day, I want love now” The cat’s mind

demands as it meows to Diamond. “I need a shower” Diamond reiterates her thoughts aloud,

leaving the cat after moments of attention. Diamond is a 28-year-old woman who works as an

assistant at her local bank, living alone with her cat Ben, been through the dramas of her past

relationships she resides alone.

She sighs as the warmth of water rushes her body, the droplets running down her luxury body

bringing a state of calmness to her mind. Enjoying nothing but the sound of the water dripping

off her body and onto the tiled floor beneath, this state starts to take her back, back to when......

*boom* the sound of her back being pressed hard against a wall, he manhandled her into

position, knowing exactly what she desired!! He took lead, took control, and took the breath

away from Diamond. Echoing sighs as her pleasurer took to her neck with his soft, electrifying


(Lucifer is Diamond’s escort, she has been seeing him for about 6 months now since her last

gentleman retired)

Within moments Lucifer has her raised by the lubricious, soft ass cheeks she possesses, the

easy access skirt Diamond is wearing has allowed for skin-to-skin contact, his strong hands

gripping her underneath, massaging the clouds that sit, her legs clinging tightly around his waist. The flame of passion ignites as the pairs’ lips lock tighter than the security of Area 51, with almost no air able to enter or exit each other’s bodies, while their tongues are dancing in each other’s mouths. “I’ve been waiting for this all day” Diamond moans a breath, “I would be lying if I said my dick wasn’t throbbing at the thought of your pussy swallowing me” Lucifer whispers back deeply before dropping Diamond to her feet. Gripping her at the hips Lucifer swings her 180 degrees to the left, Diamonds gasps and throws her hands onto the wall for support as she lands face down ass out. To assist her gentleman with access to her sexy body, she kicks her legs back and arches her back, giving Lucifer free access to wherever he so desires. Her skirt drops quicker than the site of a shooting star (no panties were worn for the occasion), instantly she feels the sensation of his lips start to kiss, suck, nibble, and lick her round clouds, his hands roaming with the freedom that has come, gently, firmly, soft, hard. Her body screams with ecstasy, the touch of her gentleman has no comparison. The gentle gliding of his fingertips sparks goose bumps, the grip of her inner thigh forces an exhale, and the worshipping of her ass has her enriched with sexual emotion, she begins to feel his hand glide towards the golden gates, so gentle too, he always loves to tease her, especially when the energy is as high as the present moment, he knows she just wants him to touch her, pleasure her, to bring moisture to the silk lips that sit between her legs. “aaaawwww, that’s it, that’s what I want” she moans a sound of relief, the tension has dropped as Lucifers hand starts to pleasure.

“Do you like that baby?” Lucifer growls, his mouth occupied with the clouds before him “Do you like that baby?” Lucifer repeats, “Do you like that baby?” Lucifer repeats, “Do you like that baby?” Lucifer repeats, “Do you like that baby?” Lucifer repeats. “Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes” Diamond’s moan grows “aaarrrrhhhh yes, Lucifer” Diamond awakes from her dream in fright. “Woahhhh” She sighs as she feels her silk throbbing repulsively. “That man is doing something crazy to me”. She climbs out of the shower, feeds her hungry stomach, and her annoyed cat “human, give me food, I haven’t eaten all day and you don’t understand how much sunbaking takes it out of you” it thinks as it meows gently to its owner. After replenishing she sits on her soft cushioned sofa and turns on some background noise with the tv as she scrolls through her social media feed. But the urge has not left her aching body, she has been so stressed lately, since last seeing Lucifer just over a month ago the pressure from work has increased, Bella her friend won’t stop calling her and crying about her ex, her holiday overseas has been postponed due to the recent outbreak of a virus preventing any travel, she has to move house soon. “I’ll just take a sneak peek and see what my gentleman has been up to” Diamond quietly says to herself while logging into Lucifers members-only page. Instantly a new image appears on her screen, one she has not seen before, one that sparks a racy mixture of arousal, jealousy, and curiosity. Lucifer sits on the edge of a bed with a sexy lady kneeling in front of him in-between his legs, her face covered with a black blindfold, one of Lucifer’s hands placed around the front of the woman’s neck, tilting it back so that her crown sits on his unshown cock, Diamond re-imagines the feeling of Lucifers thick cock inside of her. The sensations in her body rise again, this time in total control. As she lays back into the couch to reenvision the last time the pair fucked, her hand starts to glide around her sexy double B breasts, light squeezes let out a heavy breath, the pinch of her nipples send shivers down her body and brings rise to the goosebumps she knows too well. Falling deeper and deeper into her dream state she starts to feel her hand slowly run down her body, underneath the soft untied pyjama pants that contour the shape of her beautifully and onto the throbbing, wet, silk that is her pussy. Taking her back in time.

“Aaahhh, fuck me, oh my god, right there, right there baby” Diamond moans a breath as her

hands run through the short hair of Lucifer who’s currently devouring her gushing waterfall.

His tongue landing right on the ball, bringing an extreme but relieving sense of pleasure to the women laying before him, vulnerable. His hands grip firmly at her hips ensuring that he has total control of the situation, Diamond is in awe, the man’s touch has her at an escalating high. “Have I told you before that you have a magnificent pussy” Lucifer mumbles with a full mouth, “It gets sexier every time you tell me” Diamond replies, her head laying back, her back rising from the bed, one flick and the sensation of 2 fingers being inserted into her forces an echoing cry for air followed by a high pitched “Oh my god L-U-C-I-F-E-R, please....don’t....stop....”, “it has to eventually otherwise it might get a little bit expensive”, “hahaha” Diamond giggles a smile “Shut up and eat my pussy dickhead” guiding Lucifers head back to where it should be.

Lucifer stands to gain a more seductive stance over his toy, his ripped body glorified, his abs chiseled, arms pulsating, his stare seducing. “Such a beautiful woman you are, many assets” his right hand still stimulating the sacred area of this goddess, while the other lingers over her curvy body. “What’s my biggest asset” She cheeks a smile, “Okay we’re going to need to book extra time, it’s a long list” Lucifer jokes as he climbs onto Diamond, his eyes linger as he admires all the beauty before him. “I’ll start from the top” Lucifer closes the gap between the two, moving his gentle lips to her ear “Firstly, I love the way you giggle and squirm when I whisper naughty things in your ear” nibbling at her ear lobes, causing Diamonds body to do exactly that (giggle and squirm). “Your neck is always so wonderful to tease” gentle kisses start to ravage Diamond’s sexual energy, he slides his left hand gently over the neck applying but the smallest amount of pressure, just teasing. “Your lips are the softest” he leans in to take her lips with his, gently allowing for both of their tongues to reunite. “Mmmmm, I hate it when you do that” Diamonds seductively tells Lucifer, “That’s why I do it” Lucifer cheeks a devilish grin. He props himself up to admire the body before him, her legs tangled around his “Your breasts are incredible, a sexy set of double B cup titties” Diamond laughs at the remark titties. *boom*

Lucifer throws himself over Diamond, hands split on either side of her head, only centimeters

separating the two, and their locked eyes. “Did I say something funny?” His tone is firm but

playful, “No sir!” she playfully replies. There is but a moment’s pause where the two stare at

each other, simmering the sexual energy to boiling point. Lucifer pulls himself off her quickly,

leaving her no time to prevent his escape. He reaches into the back pocket of his pants that lay next to the bed, taking out the condom and ripping it open with his teeth as his luring stare

stays where it should be, on her. He jerks his cock a few times to ensure its strength is full,

carefully he puts on his protection, “hurry up, put that condom on and come fuck me as I paid

for”, Lucifer’s grin grows, he loves to tease Diamond and he knows she secretly loves it too!

A second passes before he rushes Diamond, maneuvering her to a more centralised position,

straddling her, grinding his cock against the outer areas of her vagina, stimulating the clit, only

shortly before the feeling of her interior walls swallowing his rock hard, thick, strong cock deep inside her encapsulates him. Diamond gasps for air as the solid cock fills her completely,

simplicity at its finest as Lucifer begins thrusting in and out, in and out, in and out, the pace is

consistent, nothing too strenuous but nothing slow either. Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, Lucifer synchronizes his breathing to the rhythm of his hips clapping against Diamond, her moans start to echo louder as her inner freak starts to rise to the surface. With a swift motion, Lucifer rolls Diamond onto her side, accentuating her round lubricious ass. CLAP,


CLAP, Lucifer drills the fucking shit out Diamonds pussy, panting, moaning, screaming, the

pair are breathless by the time Lucifer stops. A moment’s pause allows Lucifer and Diamond

to catch their breath back, slowly he starts his rhythm again, gradually building the speed and

intensity, “Come on baby you can fuck me harder than that. I want you fuck me, drill me, treat

me like a slut” Diamond pleads, Lucifer moves their positions ever so slightly, still over his toy,

now her left leg is sitting on his left shoulder, her body is on more of a 45-degree angle giving

Lucifer an expanded opening, slithering slowly like a snake, Lucifers left-hand starts to slide up. Diamonds torso and to her neck, pressure is applied, forcing Diamond to gasp for air as

Lucifer starts to pound Diamond’s wet lips, stretching it, clapping it, absolutely fucking it. His

thick, delicious cock penetrating her harder and faster than before, Lucifer’s breathing is loud,

and his moans echo throughout the hotel, she lays there enjoying the ecstasy that comes with a hand for a necklace, breathless. “That’s it slut, take that cock. that’s what you’ve been waiting for all day. Fuck you are so hot, my God!!” Lucifer groans as he continues thrusting, deeper, harder, and filling the entire hole. “aaaaaarrrrrrrhhhhhhh” Lucifer pulls himself away with a big breath, a couple of deep breathes relaxes the tension built up inside his cock, then before a moment’s notice he rushes to the bed, gripping Diamond at the hips and thrusting her to the edge of the bed, manhandling her he rolls her over onto her stomach, legs propping her in position, hands by her head, Lucifer leans over and pulls her hands behind her back, “Stay” he commands before walking over to his chocolate brown leather duffle bag, pulling out a pair of soft, sleek handcuffs. They have a silver chain through the middle that is detachable from the black wrist straps. Returning to Diamond Lucifer could see she had not moved at all, “good girl!” Lucifer dropped the cuffs at Diamond’s feet, grabbed her hands, squatted down, and made love to her ass for a moment as a reward for her wonderful behaviour. Cuffed and horny Diamond desires the rougher forms of sex, Lucifer slowly inserts his penis deep into her pussy, leaning forward he grabs the chain, scrunching it into his right palm so that the gap between the wrists shortens, his left-hand creeps up Diamonds toned back, raising goosebumps over her whole body, especially as he reaches the back of her neck, she quivers. “Right there!” Lucifer says to himself, his hand has a fist full of hair as he reaches slowly to grip the nape of Diamonds’ hair, the perfect spot. Taking in deep breaths Lucifer slowly starts to thrust in and out, slow thrust in and out, faster thrust in and out, even faster thrust in and out, ever faster thrust in and out, FUCKING THE SHIT OUT OF DIAMOND!!!! Grunting, moaning, breathing, the noises of sex bellow through the city. “Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes. Please don’t stop, please don’t stop, please don’t fucking stop. Oh, my fucking god” Diamond grunts and moans, her pussy pulsating more and more with every penetration. Bent over the bed, head pulled back, back arched, hands cuffed behind her back Diamond is being fucked incredibly hard, going higher and higher with every thrust, ecstasy. *Clap, clap, clap, clap* Lucifer pulls out unclips the chain and rushes Diamond up onto the bed. Kneeling behind her (almost underneath her) Lucifer and Diamond guide his thick cock into her gaping hole, her wet fluids guide her lips over his piece quite easily, and with a relaxing moan, Diamond starts to straddle Lucifers rock hard cock back and forth. Soon his hips synchronize with hers, supporting every thrust, his hands massage her succulent breasts firmly, but gently, the gap between their bodies closes, each thrust pulsating both his and her creations. The intensity of the movements increases, laying his head on her back he sneakily moves his hand from her beautiful breasts, up under her arms, around the back nape of her head, interlocking his fingers. Now bent over and relying only on Lucifer’s strength, she enjoys the filling sensation of his lubricious cock inside of her, moving around, side to side, up and down, round and round, deep down her second throat. “Oooohhhhh that feels amazing!” she moans, “that’s making two of us baby, that makes two of us!” he moans the reply, “aaarrrggggghhhhh” he breathes as he switches to a thrusting motion, being a strenuous position he increases the intensity of his thrusts quickly, fucking her good “o-o-o-h-h-h-oh-oh-oooooooooh, fuck me, yes a-a-a-a-r-r-g-g-hh-h-h that feels so fucking good, shit, shit, shit, shit aaahhhhh yes!!!”. Lucifer releases his grip,

Diamond falls face down ass up, “Ass needs to go up more” Lucifer commands as he bends

slightly to move her legs in and force her ass up, instantly that filling sensation fills her pussy

once again, letting out a moan “ooohhhh that’s it!”, *slap, clap, smack* Lucifer starts smacking

her ass cheeks with moderate power, then savouring them, rubbing them, massaging them.

Changing his positioning he puts his foot onto her head sinking it into the mattress, now

penetrating her side on, his stiff dick hits differently, sending moans and groans out of her

diaphragm, her desires to be treated like a slut have been met. The pair practice slight variants of that position for about an hour. Cuffs, choking, sensory deprivation, and toys take up portions of the following hours of play. They fuck good, they fuck strong, the echoes loud, the sexual energy high, this is Diamonds’ escape, her time to let go of responsibility and have

someone lead her. They fuck over the bench, he fucks her by the window, he blindfolds her

and then saps chocolate mousse off her titties, they make slow romantic love on the sofa. He

has her straddled on his lap, rather than having penetrative sex though her hips are grinding

back and forth, allowing her lips to glide across his pleasurable penis, the pleasure has both

parties in a state of elation. Breathing was heavy, compliments were flying “Oh my god you

have great cock”, “The way you move is se-x-y!”, his hand supporting her cumulus clouds and

with gentle movements’ he assists with the ride, his hands squeezing firmly, followed by gentle tickles and massages, light slaps make for fun entertainment. Diamond’s breath is taken, she is full again. Due to the fluid expelling from her body his cock has slid itself back in, she wraps her arms around his head as the pair’s hips synchronize with each thrust, “Oh yes” she moans, “holy shit you have magnificent pussy!” he groans, it has been several hours now since the pair have been back at the hotel, fucking, pleasing. The straddle develops more into a bounce as Diamond starts to ride Lucifer like a horse, up and down, up and down, up and down. “You’re going to make me cum Lucifer!” she groans in his ear, “how about we do it together” his response is seductive and low, “Oh yes, please” she pleads quietly. The pace continues to increase, deeper and harder penetrations, the breathing intensifies, she can no longer hold back the feeling that has ignited, reaching her climax. She starts to swirl her hips around his dick, instantly increasing her sense of arousal, she moans loudly as she enjoys the filling sensation, “I’m coming, I’m coming, I’m.....” Diamonds is edging closer and closer to her

pinnacle, “I’m going to come in 3.....2......1” Lucifer lets out a huge sigh as he deepens his cock

to ejaculate, sending a vibrating sensation of his pulsating veins through the vagina walls, the

reaction of his whole body climaxing satisfies Diamonds desire to please a man, mixed with his incredible penis, Diamond releases the withholding orgasm. Struggling for air she manages to gain control of her breathing; the condom is full.

The pair just sit in their position for a little while and enjoy the blissfulness of aftercare and

cuddles. Kindling, the pair fade away into the blackness as Diamond awakes from her dream.

The time is now 9:05 pm, Instantly awaking she picks up her phone to message Lucifer. She

needs that touch, that release, she needs her gentleman. “Next Tuesday 6 pm – 8 am, are you available?” she is prompt and direct, “Yes I am. Your usual overnight package?” His response was quick, “Please” she responds, “Leave it with me and I will have all the booking information by tomorrow morning’s end, it’s funny, I was just thinking about you too. I hope you have been well, and I can’t wait to see you next Tuesday x, I have some new toys I think you might like.” He replies. “hehehe I can’t wait, this past month has just been too stressful. I need to feel someone hold me as you do!” Her reply was full of emotion, to which his swift response “I will not change a thing about the way I hold you! Nothing else will matter, it’s just you and me”

Diamond’s face lights up as she sends a gesturing “See you Tuesday cutie xx” to Lucifer, now

excited she sits up to do her nightly routine, and carries on to bed, ready for another day, only

now she has something to look forward to.

Thank you for reading,

Lexx Soule.

The Perfect Gentleman.


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Providing  a luxury dating experience for women who relish the benefits of dating a gentleman without the commitments of a formal relationship.


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© 2023 by The Perfect Gentleman