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Sexual Energy

Updated: Aug 24


That pulsating urge to touch, taste, see and hear the man standing before you. His eyes haven’t left the depths of yours for the last 30 minutes, the tension in you is boiling, like a kettle brewing for an afternoon tea. Sexual energy!!!

Exploring my true sexuality is still relatively new to me and for about the last 2 years I have

been exploring intimacy, love, lust and fucking. Once educated enough on the fields to form

my perspective, I came to the conclusion majority of the population are taught nothing about

what our sexual energy is, what love is, or embracing the truth of the fact, 98% of us love the

experience of sex (I don’t know if this is a statistical fact). Now that I’ve learnt a good entry-level If what it is (Sexual energy), I must learn how to embrace it, enjoy it and control it, because as I recently found out, if you channel the energy from your sexual desires into other focuses, you can become an accomplish so much more.

What is Sexual energy? Sexual energy is a life force in its purest form. It could pull you towards the perfect guy at the bar you really shouldn’t approach because you have a spouse, it can drive you to insane lengths to finish projects, it can make you more receptive and open-minded to other people’s sexuality, even heal the broken heart. At least, this is how I interpret it. Embracing your inner sexual energy can make you stronger, smarter, and more focused if

controlled. The first time that I even started to understand what sexual energy was, was when I was with a previous partner, we hit a roadblock and I tried to improve. I can’t remember the

exact name of the first video that I watched but it was by a well know relationship therapist out

of Sweden, from there I watched ted talks, sex educators’ videos, and good dating videos. I

researched side topics such as love and lust too, the 5 love languages, and the 8 types of love that Greeks believed. Sadly, in the end, the relationship ended, still a good friend to this date. From there I have now expanded my knowledge even further, reading and listening to books such as “Women are from Mars, Men are from Venus”, “The hookup handbook”, “the way of the superior man” and “Sex: A lovers guide”. But what use is learning all of this if you aren’t going to take action and implement it. So I continued to embrace who I was, what kinks I liked, and what I wanted to experience sexually, I started to feel a sense of confidence that I hadn’t felt for a long time. I have always told myself “I’m a good-looking rooster”, but now I was looking in the mirror and pinpointing what made me sexy and what I had to deal with as an unwanted feature. If we get the pleasure of meeting and you guess what I perceive as my flaws correctly, I’ll give you an extra kiss.

Yes, everyone sees you differently. But that’s not what sexual energy is about, it’s about you

owning you, working with what God gave you. From my understanding and experiences, most

women are a little more critical when it comes to self-presentation and being judged, and I respect that. That just means it may take you a little longer to get used to this energy, but once you have it. Fuck me. A woman who has completely embraced her sexual energy and inner spirit is the sexiest thing in the world!!! It’s electrifying!!

Sadly though I see a lot of people (mostly men) not understanding or experiencing their sexual energy. Like women, when a man embraces his full sexual self, he can take on the world. From my perspective of men surrounding this topic, they don’t understand sex at its core, yes their dick feels amazing, they love the sound of girls moaning, oh my god the release of all the stress when they bust a nut. But then roll over and go to sleep. If I’m to open up and be honest, that was me before discovering and learning about sexual energy. Sex itself is so much more than just supplying wet lips and inserting dicks, there is non-sexual foreplay, you have aftercare, you have ways to bring your spirits closer together, experimenting with kinks, and when you start to think and act on this energy force, either by yourself or adventuring it with a partner, you will start to feel the sexual energy pulsate through your veins. One reason (outside of the lack of sexual education) I believe there is a lack of sexual energy is partly due to the excessive amount of free porn available today, with everybody now able to whip to the bathroom for a quick fix. I can’t speak for women’s addictions to porn and how they handle the built-up sexual tension, but for most men, porn is something that is causing their sexual energy to dissipate. Most of us have now been educated that porn is fake, but to what extent do people understand, now I have never worked in the porn industry but from an outside perspective they would take breaks to get the right camera angle, have some water, breathe. They have check in’s and everything is consensual and talked about off-camera. But people still watch it, for that quick fix, which can kill your sexual energy and sexual drive. Now, how does what I just explained about porn correlate with sexual energy?

With unreal expectations of sex and how it should be, a lack of consideration for the other

parties’ needs, and a catalogue of videos and photos to match your imagination, why do you

need to worry? Because if you put the screen down and take the time to learn sex, be kinky,

make love and embrace your inner sexual energy you will see just what you are missing out on. Start to learn about what sex is and really appreciate the human body and spirit, it is

empowering. When you correlate sexual energy to sex you will enjoy the whole process of

lovemaking 10 fold, the way the skin feels, the way her curves sit, the slight bend in his piece

that hits differently, the smell of her collar bones and the sound of their voice seductively

whispering in your ear. Sexual energy is not just about sex, but good sex has a lot of sexual

energy. When you align yourself with this primary energy source you become accepting of who you are and start to express who you really want to be, sexual energy is freeing. Spontaneous nude swim, sexual energy. Holding strong eye contact with someone you’re attracted to, building sexual energy. Seaman retention, builds sexual energy. Setting a romantic evening, sexual energy. Making out with your long-time crush the second your eyes lock, sexual energy. It is the force inside of us that drives us to do what we really want and be who we really are.

As a gentleman, it can be part of my role to provide you with the sexual energy you need. This

isn’t always an easy task; it is at the end of the day an agreement. It’s not the same as meeting a girl out at a bar and feeling the flame ignite, it’s a service tied to my job and one I have the

confidence to say I’m good at. The love and appreciation I have for women and the energy that they hold is re-rejuvenating. The playfulness, the wit, the laughs, it all appeals to me. with plenty more to still learn (always more to learn), I will continue to develop my understanding of this life force. This blog is my interpretation of sexual energy and some topics that surround the subject, I have enjoyed sharing my view with you, I hope that has been a good read for you and given you a closer insight into some of my views.

Thank you for reading,

Lexx Soule.

The Perfect Gentleman.


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Providing a luxury dating experience for women who relish the benefits of dating a gentleman without the commitments of a formal relationship.


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Providing  a luxury dating experience for women who relish the benefits of dating a gentleman without the commitments of a formal relationship.


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© 2023 by The Perfect Gentleman