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Birthday Girl

Updated: Aug 24


Writing this fresh after a wonderful dinner date, where I had the luxury of treating a beautiful young woman to a birthday dinner. The colours of red, green, and brown filled the bouquet of flowers, the indulgently delicious vegan, gluten-free brownies were boxed, a customised Perfect Gentleman birthday card had been printed, with tiny handmade coupons to finish the gifts. Upon arrival at her pickup destination I was gifted the strongest hug, to which I returned the affection. Finding her style cute, she worked a black, on black, on black, black dress, topcoat, heeled boots, and skin-toned stockings to keep the chilled wind from sending her into a shiver, and a Louis Vuitton bag to complete her birthday suit.

Having previously had lunch with Miss Fox I knew the style of date she would love, something subdue and simple, but with thought, meaning, and the ability to connect through deep conversation. Taking her dietary requirements into careful consideration, there was a level of difficulty finding a place that accommodated a worthwhile amount of food on the menu, adhering to her needs, and still maintaining a level of brand transparency, but not to fear, Lexx is here (that is the cheesiest & corniest thing I have ever wrote). Jokes aside I found a low-lit, hidden bar in the heart of Brisbane City that accommodated her needs, Miss Demeanour. The bar was classically styled with low-lit lantern lights illuminating the room from behind the booths that consolidated against the back wall, the service was incredibly friendly with a nonchalant response to the water that poured out of the bottom of the flower bag, whoops!

It was only after 30 minutes of conversation we decided it would be a good idea to order some food, Vegan falafels, BBQ jackfruit loaded fries and olives were on the menu for us this evening, pairing the food, I enjoyed a Tomfoolery Young Blood Shiraz (new flavour for me,

and I loved it), for Miss Fox, becoming a witch was important as she enjoyed a 'hammered witch', believe that it is a mixture of Vodka, Aperol, apple, and orange (please don't quote me). All of which were delicious, except for the loaded fries, they dropped the mark for me. Just as

our dinner arrived though the strangest thing happened, the lantern lights that were behind us dimmed, I promise I did not organise for this, though the bar had acquired a larger crowd now, and it was probably just to create a better atmosphere for all patrons, however, I still found it

coincidental that it happened as we were about to eat (must be my universe working its magic).

Our conversations went on for 3 hours, discussing topics around our personal lives, sharing some of our past experiences, laughing, and creating mirth. Most would find the conversations we had controversial, which I think we both thoroughly enjoyed, with differing opinions on

some subjects it was good to hear and learn how someone else perceives the world, always listening with an open ear and never judging one’s thoughts. On a personal note, I love these conversations, topics about social beliefs, religion, and sexuality that are typically frowned upon

or not discussed because we either don't want to hurt each other’s feelings or we aren't open to hearing other people’s thoughts. Knowing full well that we would respect each other’s opinions it made for extremely good conversation. Her laughs were loud and full of energy, always giving a playful “no” when she would ask permission to have a glass of water, even convincing her I was a virgin for 10 seconds, being playful and creating an energised, openly fun space is always something I endeavour to do.

Getting to know more about Miss Fox was an amazing experience, listening to her and what she wants out of life and the experiences she wants to live brings joy to me, no matter who you're listening to you should always listen as if they have something to teach you, and listening to beautiful she has already opened my mind even more to life, new thoughts, and ways of gratitude. 3 hours nonchalantly went by before leaving the restaurant, with beam it scooters parked right outside we thought it would be a great idea to go for a ride, however for some

reason they park these things in and around no-ride zones, so before evening getting on them we had a good 200 metre walk to get out of the safety zone, neither of us were keen to walk 200m metres with scooters and flowers in hand, meaning we ditched that idea and went for something more subdued. Being the middle of the week, not a lot was open so we took a leisurely stroll to Southbank, however on the way I was hit with a surprise question, I have never been asked this

question in the entirety of my life (However I know I definitely have asked for one), "Lexx this may seem strange, but can you teach me to kiss?", Instantly my smile grew from ear to ear, I thought it was the cutest thing. Kissing is something I have never failed to disappoint and

something I thoroughly enjoy, it is one of my favourite ways to show affection, especially when your lips are in sync and you shovel one another’s tongues down the back of each other’s throat, dancing your tongues together like a vicious salsa (but that's a kink for another story).

Our walk continued for about 10 metres as she continued to talk, before I stopped, pulled her closer, and allowed for our lips to connect.

Feeling her elated emotions and energy rise, she pulled away with a smile on her face as we continued our walk to Southbank. Our stroll was blissful as we continued our conversations, marvelling over the architecture and art that we saw. Unfortunately, our time was coming to an end, so it was disappointing to see a 20-minute line for gelato. "we'll get it next time" I assured her. While waiting for our Taxi we enjoyed a few more kissing lessons and big hugs. Seeing her home, we said our goodbyes, had one last kissing lesson, and looked forward to our next encounter, which by the time of reading this will have already concluded.

A direct message to Miss Fox, I wish you an amazing happy birthday and hope you enjoyed the flowers, deliciously gooey, vegan brownies, your tiny coupon cards, and our time together! Hopeful you found the perfect place to showcase your birthday card.

Thank you for reading,

Lexx Soule.

The Perfect Gentleman.


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Providing a luxury dating experience for women who relish the benefits of dating a gentleman without the commitments of a formal relationship.


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Providing  a luxury dating experience for women who relish the benefits of dating a gentleman without the commitments of a formal relationship.


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