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The Worst Marriage

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The worst marriage


“Fucking hell Paul I can’t stand you, you never do anything around here, I cook for you, I clean for you, and you can’t even take the dog for a walk or put the dry dishes away” Michelle’s voice is autocratic and degrading towards her husband Paul who is nonchalantly lazing on the couch after enjoying the beautiful roast that his wife had prepared for him. “Love, last time I checked my job pays for your car, this house, the food that is put in the fridge, and put our son through university, my jobs done!” Paul’s response is as nonchalant as his current actions, he continues to laze on the couch within the living room situated in front of the island-styled kitchen bench. This riddles shock through Michelle’s body, her eyes open wide, her mouth opens slightly as she places both hands on the edge of the kitchen sink and leans back “my job’s done…..” are the words she whispers to herself “you’re a piece of shit, go fuck yourself” are the whispers that follow as she calmly takes herself out of this negative presence and upstairs to their bedroom. “No love, you go fuck yourself” are the whispers that Paul reiterates to himself, “Maybe if you’d suck my dick once in a while I would do some extra housework” Paul speaks to no one as he pulls out his phone to message someone who will openly suck his dick.

Paul and Michelle are upper-middle class citizens who live in the Suburbs of Adelaide, they have been married 20 years her 43, him 44, meeting through the dating app MeetMe. Their relationship started amazingly and within 2 years of dating, they were married and had a son of their own. To the outside eye they looked like a happy, loving couple, occasionally they would have disagreements but nothing that was a call for concern. However, despite their travelling of various countries, owning a house together, having a child, being relatively social, and owning a Dalmatian dog, this couple is far from happy with their lives. Michelle works part-time at a local petrol station, she is a beautiful woman, aging really well, with friends likening her to someone a decade younger. Hair blonde and wavey, eyes are a light hazel, figure is a healthy size 12, with sexy well maintained, natural, plump breasts, and cushion for pushin at her rear, skin so soft it would almost put that of a micro-fibre blanket to shame. When she isn’t at work, she maintains the home her husband and she share, socialises with friends, reads books, and plays with various styles of art.

Michelle’s husband Paul is the lead mechanic at the local car mechanic’s ‘Your Local Car Mechanic’, with his position and role at this shop sustaining 15 years. Paul has grey and black hair and has a small bald spot developing on the crown of his head, “from the stress of his wife” he tells people. A lean skinny build with blue eyes, and wavey mid-length, brown, messy hair. Paul pays for all living expenses, allowing Michelle to save her money and spend it however she pleases, his only ask is that she does not question how he spends his spare money, providing all expenses are covered, this usually goes towards lunch, cartons of beer, fishing with his mates on weekends and occasionally, surreptitiously, female escorts.

Neither Michelle nor Paul can re-call when, but along the way the relationship lost its spark, they stopped feeling young, they stopped having sex, and they did what they had seen their parents do “mature”, “become an adult”, when in reality they just needed to embrace responsibilities like an adult, but fuck as they did in the first 6 months of dating.

*Michelle in the bedroom*

“Lexx, how are your going beautiful?” Michelle’s voice is soft and calm, with veins no longer rushing with new blood cells, “Hahahaha, I’m beautiful today am I?” Lexx chuckles lightly to the compliment, “Beautiful, sexy, cutie, lexxy, however I perceive you on the day really?”

While Paul has an escort that he sees, his wife also has an escort she sees, Lexx Soule. The irony about this situation is Lexx operates his own escort agency for male clients wishing to hire women, the business ‘Daddy’s Angels’ is widely regaurded, and respected. However, neither Michelle nor Paul know Lexx is the founder of this company, only people working within the industry know Lexx is the Founder.

“What if I don’t like to be called beautiful, it’s too feminine for me” Lexx is confident and speaks with a low tone, meanwhile he has the biggest and cheesiest smile. “Well, when I pay you $1,000 an hour, I’ll call you what I want” Michelle is using her cunning playfulness to retain the frame. “Have you never heard the lines, stop my body belongs to me” Lexx jokes in return, “Ooohhhh…. You’re a 5-year-old again I forgot that” Michelle exercises her sarcasm. The 4-year relationship has established the connection for this kind of banter. “I like to think that rule also applies to adults as well” his tone increases slightly in pitch signifying a slight pique emotion, but also a playful return, “Okay, okay, I’ll strip naked in front of you and see if you’re still saying… what was it. Stop my body belongs to me” this woman has wit and a burning fire to be playful and have fun. “Michelle stop, my cock will get hard. In fact, I think it just did its special trick” Lexx looks down at the forming bulge forming in his pants, his cock starts to pulsate and bounce within the soft, comfortable sweat pants, his tone is one of slight inconvenience as he was working on a blog. “Is it now, is Lexx’s delicious cock screaming for some affection, a warm mouth to swallow it, soft hands to stroke it, ass cheeks to sit on it…” Michelle’s seductive, loan-toned whisper is disrupted “Michelle I’m busy right now, if you want my services you know the guidelines, book and pay” Lexx is being assertive but fair, they both understand the arrangement and know that this is a business transaction.

“Oh Lexx, I’m about to hang up the phone and plan a weekend in Melbourne for you and I. You’re going to fuck me, you’re going to dine me, and yes it will be done in the same professional manner as I always uphold, but first, are you willing to give me 5 minutes to tell you what I want you to do to me, is that okay, Sir?”

Lexx looks at his computer with the most devilish grin, biting his lip and smiling from ear to ear, he replies “5 minutes that’s all” and the conversation goes on.

2 weeks later

“I love you honey, I’ll be back on Monday, all your washing is finished, I put fresh sheets on the bed, can you please walk Baxter (the Dalmatian) otherwise he will go awole when I return!” Michelle is hurriedly saying her goodbyes to her husband, as the taxi driver waits in the driveway.

“You forgot one thing….. Food” Paul jokes with a huge grin, but only to see and hear a displeased sigh from Michelle. “I’ll be fine, don’t worry, I’ll walk Baxter, I’ll feed the goldfish, you just focus on having a great weekend with the girls okay. I love you” Paul helps carry the language to the taxi and gives his wife a huge hug and kiss goodbye. “ahhh you’re a piece of shit sometimes, but I love you…. mmmm Taxi driver is pretty cute, I wonder if Lexx would let me bring him along for the experience, probably not” those are the thoughts that run through Michelle’s head as they head for the airport.

“aaaahhhhh finally no bitch telling me what to do! What do say Baxter, are we going to have a good weekend” Paul ignorantly asks the dog the rhetorical question, however Baxter answers with a deep bark.

Whipping out his phone as soon as Taxi leaves, Paul messages his weekend of pleasure. “Hey Beautiful, the timing was perfect, still going ahead with our scheduled dinner at 6:00 pm?”

Brandi (Female escort): “Hey handsome, certainly are, I’m so excited! Where are you taking me?”

Paul: “I found this new French restaurant that I want to try, I’ll make the reservation now, text you the details, and see you at 6:00 pm xx”

Brandi: “Yay French! Now I’m really excited! I will see you soon, have a good evening, don’t stress too much xoxo”

*In Melbourne, texting as the plane lands*

Lexx: “The driver will pick you up and bring you here, I have talked with reception, they know you’re coming, ask for a key to room 2403 under the booking Lexx Soule. There will be no drama”

Michelle: “This will never get old 😊😊”

*At the hotel room*

Entering the luxury suite slowly Michelle starts to call out for her weekend lover, *Boom*.

Lexx’s fright forces her bags to drop instantly as he rushes her against the hallway wall, his seductive stare lingers in her eyes, with a peaking grin for just one moment before his mouth opens the words “I have been thinking about your 5 minutes for 2 whole weeks” his tone mellowed and low pitched, the reaction from this woman is instant.

Lips lock uncontrollable passion, shortly followed by his hands moving from the wall to support and squeeze the cushions that Michelle possesses, her neck now the target for her escort to pleasure, light pressure, strong pressure, flickering of his tongue, light nibbling of his teeth, working his way up and down the tender soft, mature skin, being ever so careful not to leave any evidence. This emphatic burst of passion fills the room, Lexx cradles his client to the bed, bouncing her up & down to force a light giggle and breaths of air. As soon as she lands on the bed Lexx is crawling towards her, their lips lock once again, with her hands unable to retain themselves, grabbing both sides of his cute face (everyone client raves about his face and smile), the clothes are torn off so rapidly and with little care, that both Michelle and Lexx require new shirts, at just the right moment Lexx pulls away to create a level of sexual tension, “stay!” he commands. Standing before Michelle is one desirable man, heavily tattooed, muscles flexed with blood running through his body, nothing too extreme but an evident 6 pack stands underneath his well-shaped chest, pumped arms and round shoulders, without taking his eyes off his meal he unbuttons his navy-blue chino’s, slowly pealing them down his legs, before working the bottom half of Michelle. Unveiled behind the straight/ baggy fit jeans lay the finishing touch to a gorgeous white 2-piece that Michelle wears, accentuating all the right areas. “You look fucking hot!” Lexx flirts, “excuse me sir, gentleman don’t swear” is the playful response he gets, forcing a chuckle and cheeky smile. He teases her a little, gently lifting her legs to explore slowly, kissing all that he can with the smooth, calm, touch he possesses. A squeeze and jolt at the hips and this gentleman has her right where he needs her, taking a knee he adheres to Michelle’s senses through inner thigh kisses, outer labia kisses, and the sweet, sweet taste of her beautiful delicate pussy. Addictive is the taste that his tongue stays present, working its way up from the vaginal opening to the clitoris, finding the sweet spot he wiggles his tongue up and down, with no need to change his movement, he allows her to completely immerse herself into the experience, to breath deeply, to relax and enjoy the sensations of foreplay, the tongue moving exactly how she please with 2 fingers inserting themselves in and out, in and out, in, and, out. The moans are filled with sparks, with emotion, no need to over-dramatise, no need to worry, just relax and let herself go freely, higher and higher.

Her breathing starts to become increasingly deeper and deeper, with the penetration of her vagina becoming faster and deeper from her escort’s fingers, his tongue movements becoming more vigorous, as her moans become more passionate so too does her pussy flow a more flourishing river. *Spit* with Lexx’s mouth full of saliva and pussy juice, and Michelle having a kink for little dirty behaviours as such, the fun is really about to begin. Now kneeling beside his sex doll, his right masculine, well-manicured hand rubs every part of this woman’s pleasure zones, the clitoris, outer labia, inner labia, insertions penetrating between the sexual rub. The left-hand runs freely, massaging and squeezing the plump, tits that this woman possesses, lightly pinching the nipples, forcing her stomach to expand as she inhales a moan of air.

Without even putting his cock near her flourishing waterfall, her state of elate arousal is extremely pleasing to both parties. “Fuck me, please fuck me now!!” Michelle pleads cutely, initiating the instant manoeuvre of the doll to a more centralised bed position and onto her side, legs scissored with one leg under Lexx’s, and the other held close to the left side of his body, the thrusts go deep and hard, *Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang*, Lex stops to take a few deep breaths and appreciate the body before him, squeezing at the hips, massaging the cushion of booty before him, to kiss the leg available to him, their eyes lock seductively as they both embrace and enjoy the sexual energy that fills the room. A wink from Lexx and he continues his deep hard thrusts *Clap, Clap, Clap, Clap, Clap, Clap, Clap, Clap*

“Oh…my….god…..” Michelle moans. *Huh, huh, huh, huh, huh, huh* Lexx maintains his breathing to endure the physical exercise.

This position continues for a short period, roughly 10 minutes of different speeds, different depths, and different angles, with the constant check-in and body language being read by Lexx, ensuring not to change too quickly when the enjoyment of his counterpart is at a high. Manoeuvring his body sensually behind her when the sexual energy permits a slower pace, closing the gap between the pair. Before being assisted with the penetration he slowly humps his hips against hers, forcing his cock to glide freely along the pleasure zone, roaming his hand freely all over her body, lightly grabbing her neck (she only allows and enjoys a soft grip around her neck), hugging her body, cupping her melons perfectionately, breathing on the nape of her neck, feeling her back pressed against his muscular, athletic body. Assisting with the correct placement of Lexx’s amazing cock inside of her, Michelle glides her hand around the sexual area, stimulating her clitoris while also splitting her middle finger and ring finger apart, applying pressure to the rock-hard cock that penetrates her, stimulating it in a way similar to a cock ring, a major turn on for Lexx, his moans increase in volume with every motion that she pleasures him.

The slow sensual experience is enjoyed by both, with no need to increase the speed or intensity within this position, but it does eventually feel like a more intense pleasure is building. Lexx takes this opportunity to move into another simple but effective position, topping his intimate client into missionary. Thrusting starts at an intermediate pace, in out, in out, in out, in out, in out, in out, in out, in out, gifting Michelle the opportunity to appreciate the body that pleasures her sexual desire for lust, and to feel sexy “such a sexy, tattooed man you are” her mind wonders, both pairs eyes linger each other seductively. *Wink from Lexx* *Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap*, *Huh, huh, huh, huh, huh*, slow thrusts are what follows, in and out, in and out, in and out, in and out. *Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap* “Oh my fucking god your cock feels incredible!!” Michelle moans the compliment, running her hands all over the muscles that top her, Lexx grins a following reaction, “It wouldn’t feel so good without a delightful pussy to swallow it” this response forces his sex doll’s head back and her eyes to roll. Closing the gap between the two, Lexx lays on her, and wraps his arms under hers, forcing her hands around his neck and head. “I want to feel your body scream as you come for me baby girl” in a low, seductive tone Lexx teases, “aaarrrrhhhhh” is the sound that flows from Michelle’s mouth. Humping and fucking Michelle’s cunt as hard as he can, the screaming is electrifying, the sound of animals echoes through the room, not even the soundproof walls prevent the neighbours from hearing this orgasm-building experience. “Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck” are the only words Michelle can muster, while Lexx increases the pace and depth of his breathing. He pushes himself back into the original position to thrust hard into his client, fucking her as hard as the pornstars do their submissives. Throwing her leg over, and moving her into doggy style Lexx grips at the hips and pulls his bottoms body into his thrusting motion, face down ass perked Lexx is completely fucking and railing the shit out of his client. “I’m going to come, I’m going to come, please don’t stop, I beg you, I’m going to…..” Michelle hits the point of no return, her body reaches the climax she desires, the climax she has longed for, the tension releases from her body as she hits the ultimate high. Lexx pulls out and takes a seat on the couch that is situated near the bed, he continues to stroke himself while watching Michelle, knowing full well she will adhere to his needs once her breath is caught, and just as expected, only seconds after she sees Lexx seated, her strength reignites and she nonchalantly, gallants over before him, no words necessary, her mouth starts to swallow his delicious, thick, beautifully shaped rocket of a cock. Deeply, with the warmth and moisture of her mouth, she swallows every inch of her gentleman’s piece. “Okay, my turn, where would you like this load to go?” Lexx politely asks, slowly Michelle’s mouth climbs up the shaft with a finishing *pop* at the tip, “I would love for you to come all over my tits please”. Lexx stands to position himself for the perfect ejaculation, and with the biggest sigh he lets out an almighty size of white, creamy liquid onto his eagerly waiting come rag. The pair pause for a moment, Michelle resting her head on Lexx’s thigh as Lexx stands, breathing gently, caressing his hands through her hair. “Let’s take a shower and then I have a new place I want to show you!” Lexx leads, followed by a languid nod from Michelle.

Returning home Michelle and her partner Paul greet each other with welcome arms and warm love, either unaware or simply playing with the fact they both just had a weekend only God would permit them. Going out for breakfast to lie about what they got up to over the weekend, the most important thing though is that Baxter got to go for his walks.

Thank you for reading, Lexx Soule.

The Perfect Gentleman.


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Providing  a luxury dating experience for women who relish the benefits of dating a gentleman without the commitments of a formal relationship.


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© 2023 by The Perfect Gentleman